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Instructions For Creating Custom Logo Mats

What if we told you that you could reach a large number of people with a product that costs a fraction of what traditional outdoor marketing does, provides visibility to your brand in high-traffic locations, lasts for years, and is multifunctional? That’s right…a product that provides all of those benefits. Allow us to explain the numerous benefits of custom rugs with logo.

Custom logo mats are synthetic or coir mats that may be printed with your company logo, name, slogan, website address, social networking information, marketing message, and other information. It’s a presentation of your company’s most valuable brand assets on a mat that can be utilized all year long…without breaking the bank! You may choose between synthetic, coir, and rubber branded entry mats. Of course, they continue to provide the benefits that all mats do: removing dirt and moisture from shoe soles, providing a slip-resistant entry, and keeping interiors cleaner. Here is a list of custom logo mat applications and benefits that every business might benefit from.

Entrance mats are required to maintain the entrance to the business clean, secure, and professional in appearance.

Embedding your facility’s entry mats with a customized brand or business emblem is a great method to deliver a sales message to customers as they enter your office. As a result, bespoke logo mats are a low-cost way to accomplish two important tasks: improving facility security and increasing current marketing and advertising initiatives.

Although creating a personalized logo mat is straightforward, basic design and style standards must be followed.

With a little planning, your organization can start designing amazing logo mats that are crisp, distinct, and effective in creating contact with facility visitors.


Suggestions For Logo Mat Layout:

  1. Reduce Clutter:In general, the more design there is, the less effective the logo mat will be. For two reasons, simplicity is vital. Initially, simple designs are sharper and much easier to read. Second, you must realize that the design will be printed on a floor mat. Visitors will be walking over the mat and may only have a few seconds to view the design, message, or emblem.
  2. Choose The Correct Orientation:When ordering a logo mat, you must determine whether the design will be landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical). To determine the direction of the logo, consider how the mat will be utilized in your institution. If the mat will be placed horizontally across an entranceway, choose the landscape direction. If the custom logo mat needs to stretch vertically inside from an entranceway, use portrait orientation. This will also guarantee that the logo is shown straight and readable.
  3. Look To Current Ads For Logo Inspiration:Your logo mat design and style do not have to be limited to a single tagline or old corporate logo. Your new logo mats might be inspired by business cards, corporate websites, and other marketing materials.
  4. Select Different Colors:In most circumstances, all colors must adhere to the organization’s established color scheme. Using the color design of the current logo, employee uniforms, or any other facility d├ęcor to coordinate logo mats creates a degree of unity among these aspects, allowing visitors to more quickly associate the logo on the mat with your organization. Furthermore, distinct colors that might assist your logo “pop” from the top of the mat are required. If the logo or visual design has dark hues, consider using a bright-colored background. If the logo or design involves a light color design, choose a dark background.

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